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SP ECO FUEL ENTERPRISES is a leading social enterprise for at source waste management sustainable solutions. SP ECO FUEL ENTERPRISES has tie up with SPR.
SP ECO FUEL has many successful achievements creating first woman clean cooking fuel cum manure management. SHG create additional income from waste currently working in more than 15 states in India and 8 countries in overseas.
SP ECO FUEL wants to create jobs in rural area through award winning clean technology and support for cleaner village and organic farmings.


Safe & Efficient solutions for Renewable Sources of Energy

India is facing major environment challenges associated with waste generation & inadequate waste collection. India cannot cope with volumes of waste generated by an increasing population; the big picture is it will impact on the environment and public health. We have a product called Flexi Bio gas plants. The plant mainly work on converting organic waste into biogas, to meet aspect of waste to wealth management. Our plants / units are SAFE, EFFICIENT & AFFORDABLE. Using Wet Waste as source, converting organic waste to Energy, our Flexi Bio Gas Plants meets the National goals of swatch Bharat Mission. All Organic wastes to be treated as source to create renewable source of energy like Gas / Electricity / Manure.

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Our Mission:

Let's use Wet waste / cattle dung to produce Energy out of it and Contribute to Swatch Bharath mission.

We at SP ECO FUEL ENTERPRISES, provide various sizes of Flexi Bio-Gas plants. Our Bio-Gas units starts with a capacity of 2 Cubic Meter to 85 Cubic Meter size, based on wet-waste / cow dung we provide subsequent sizes of bio-gas units.

The biggest Advantage of Flexi Bio-Gas compared to Regular Bio Gas are as follows:

Installation process is 1 day compared to 1-2 months in regular biogas plants.

Lower costs compared to KVIC/Deenbandhu plant.

No requirement of skilled labor for installation.

Flexi Biogas pumps gas with pressure through booster pumps.

Return on Investment of Bio-Gas plant is from 14 to 16 months.

Our Flexi Bio-Gas Units are Safe, Affordable & Efficient.

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