Biogas Plant for Managing Waste in Your College Canteen Kitchen Waste and for NAAC Accreditation

Waste Management a growing concern for all the countries across the world to reduce the Carbon foot print, and minimize the use of fossil fuels, helps building a balanced Eco system. Managing the Waste at Source  is the best possible solution.

A few simple actions taken daily for effective waste management, can help us achieve Managing the Waste at Source. Even most of the countries had understood the importance of this now and had made mandatory for Industrial, Commercial and Other sectors to manage their waste.

One such waste which is being often ignored and thrown out is Vegetable, Food, Kitchen Waste from the Industrial, Commercial Canteens. All the Schools and Colleges are also directed to install Biogas plants for the waste from their kitchens.

Indian Government has taken this initiative and encouraging educational institutions where approximately 100 KG to 200 KG of kitchen waste is being generated every day to process the waste in their premises to generate biogas.

This kitchen waste from the Engineering Colleges, Universities, Management Schools, Educational Institutions Canteen is crushed using a crusher machine and made pulpier and passed on to the Bio gas Digester tank installed as per the capacity of waste generated every day in their campus.

PH value of the Biogas plant is maintained by adding Cow or Buffalo Dung. Depending on the size of the biogas plant and the volume of the Biogas produced Scrubbing of Biogas, Compressing of Biogas and storing of the the Biogas plant are designed and installed.

Few colleges from Hyderabad who have taken initiative to install biogas plant for their colleges and spreading awareness on managing waste at source based on the quantity of kitchen waste produced from their campus canteen are:

  1. IARE College of Engineering and Technology – Dundigal – Hyderabad
  2. Mahaveer College of Engineering – Hyderabad
  3. ICFAI School of Management – Sankarpally – Hyderabad
  4. Ellenki College of Engineering & Technology

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