Kitchen Waste from Canteen, Hotels, and Industries to Bio gas.

Kitchen Waste To Biogas

You can use your kitchen waste to generate free biogas to use it in your cooking.

How Kitchen Waste is turned to Biogas? 

Place your food waste in a sealed chamber, with no air inside. As the kitchen waste digests, it releases a gas, which can be used in cooking. The system needs to be airtight and the temperature close to 35° should be maintained.

“It is advised to use the pulpiest form of kitchen waste for better production of biogas”

How much gas is produced from the kitchen waste?

As the kitchen waste contains cellulose & is organic, and has 25 to 30% solids so an adequate amount of biogas can be produced.

It has been observed that for each 10 KG of Kitchen Waste approximately 1 meter cube of biogas is generated which is equivalent to 0.5 KG of LPG.

30% savings on the LPG can be managed in Industrial Canteens and Hotels.

What are the estimated savings by turning kitchen waste to Biogas?

Turning kitchen waste to biogas in a household, and in commercial kitchens like canteens, and hotels can save up to 30% on the LPG. 

Waste Per Day in KG (kilograms)

Approx. Savings Per Month





Types of Biogas Plant Suitable for Kitchen Waste

For household use if you are living in an apartment, you can use FRP Model of Biogas Plant. If you have space to dig a pit, the best option for you is the Flexi Model.

For Commercial Kitchens like Canteen and Hotels based on the availability of space and kitchen waste produced per day, you can also opt for either FRP or Flexi Models of the Biogas plant.

Our Advise: We prefer clients to choose the Flexi Model of Biogas plant as per the cost and maintenance point of view.

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