biogas from kitchen waste for your home
Kitchen Waste to Biogas

Waste recycling at the source is easy now with the help of prefabricated biogas plants. All your kitchen waste can be turned into bio manure.

You can use the bio-manure in your terrace garden for your plants as a fertilizer.

Can we replace LPG with Biogas?

The answer is YES, it depends on the amount of kitchen waste or any organic waste you have daily and your daily use of gas.

How to install kitchen waste Biogas Plant?

Biogas plants come in different Models, of which most popular are:

  • Flexi biogas plant
  • FRP biogas plant

Depending on the space availability and the price you can choose the best suitable biogas plant model for you.

If you have space constraints or if you live in an apartment or don’t have enough space to make a pit in your compound, it is always advised to pick an FRP Biogas plant.

Although the cost of the FRP Biogas Plant is higher than the Flexi Biogas Plant, it has got its own advantages and disadvantages.

Once you have decided on, which Biogas Plant is best for you, the next step is to measure how much kitchen waste per day you can accumulate.

The process includes simple segregation of the kitchen waste and calculating the average waste generated per day. Once you have your calculations ready you can reach out to an expert to get the right size of the biogas plant.

Wait for the delivery or installation of the Biogas plant.

If you have chosen the FRP Biogas plant model, It doesn’t require an expert to do the installation.
you can do the installation by yourself and save on the installation cost.

Usage and Maintenance:

Now that your biogas plant is installed and ready to use, all you need to do is fill the biogas plant with cow dung mixed with the appropriate quantity of water as suggested for your biogas plant size.

Wait for 20-30 days for the anaerobic bacteria to start generating biogas.

once the gas production is started, you can add kitchen waste to the biogas plant.

Start using your biogas for the intended cooking purpose.

Slurry a by-product of anaerobic digestion can be used directly as a fertilizer.

If you have opted for Flexi Biogas Plant Model, Watch the below video.

Where you can buy Kitchen Waste Biogas Plant?

Well, there are only a few companies in India, which are manufacturing and installing biogas plants.

  1. SP ECO FUEL Enterprises
  2. HIT

However, of the above-mentioned 2 companies, HIT is mostly dealing with installing Bio CNG Plants at industrial-level production.

SP ECO Fuel Enterprises deals in both domestic, commercial, industrial, and Bio CNG Units. You can simply fill the inquiry form on the website and one of the executives will reach out to you and make sure your biogas plant is installed.

Are you all set to Switch to Biogas?