The term 'Biogas' is referred to a gas which has been produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Major sources of methane are animal excrements, waste landfills, and any other organic material that is left untreated. Biogas consists of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and a little hydrogen. It is created by the decomposition of manure and other forms of organic waste from industry or households.
Methane is the principal gas in biogas. Methane is also the main component in natural gas, a fossil fuel. Biogas can be used to replace natural gas in many applications including: cooking, heating, steam production, electrical generation, vehicular fuel, and as a pipeline gas.
Simple, Easy to understand process Constant gas pressure volume of gas visible
High Construction Cost Steel part liable for Corrosion Need regular maintenance
Simple, Easy to understand process Pressure less than Iron Dome Model volume of gas visible
Suitable for small model only The height of inlet and outlet is much High transport cost for bigger models
Complete civil works No moving parts Underground construction Creates employment locally
High Civil work costs Gas pressure fluctuates and not recognized Press is high only when gas volume is high Possible of gas leak from micro holes
Easy installation Booster pump is available Required Electricity Easy Repairable if any gas leakages Gas Pressure can be regulated Easy Maintenance No Corrosion problem being PVC Material All Major countries prefer Flexible PVC Materials
Very less civil works Needs protection / fence if client required
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Bio-Gas Digester is made of PVC fabric, tensile tested for methane pressure. For further clarification of GSM and varieties please do contact us.
Each organic input has different bio-gas production capacity, say cow / buffalo dung of 25 Kgs produces 1 cubic meter of bio-gas, 10 Kg of Poultry waste produces 1 cubic meter of biogas, 10 kg of food waste produces 1 cubic meter of biog gas. For further clarifications please contact us.
Digester will not get damaged until an external force hurts it wanted. If a hole appears, a patch will be provided to make it closed and the process is so easy that any one can do by their own. As the gas is having normal atmospheric pressure it wont cause any exploitation. the gas will get mixed up with other environmental gasses.
Flexi Biogas digester will work efficiently for approximately 8 to 10 years.
For example, Let us see it for our minimum plant model 2CMD. This 2CMD plant costs you 25,000/- approximately. Our 2CMD plant gives 2 cylinders gas equivalent per month, that means, within almost 14 months You will get your money back and from 15th month, Our biogas plants gives you income.
We provide Flexi Biogas plants starting from 2CMD size which gives you 2 cylinders gas equivalent per month.
The purity of Methane produces in Bio-Gas digester is approximately 55 to 58 %, and 30 to 35 % carbon di-oxide and 1 to 2 % H2s. With the help of purification & compression when the purity of methane is arrived to 98 % we can use the same as a natural gas and is treated as Bio-GNC. Please contact us for further information on CNG Production from Bio-Gas.

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