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various sizes of biogas installations

Various Sizes of Biogas Installations

We install all size of Bio-Gas Plants starting from 2CMD to any customized size.

cng gas production with biogas plants

CNG gas production with Bio-gas Plants.

When Bio-Gas Produced is compressed to 98 % purity and other impurities like carbon di-oxide and Hydrogen Sulphide are removed then it is treated as CNG Gas which can be used in all commercial vehicles as a Fuel.

power generation with biogas

Power Generation with Biogas

Biogas can be used directly to generate with 100 % Biogas generators and globally all developed countries contribute power generation with biogas Plants.

biogas production using cow dung

Biogas Production using Cow Dung

Dairy farm has daily production of dung which can be used as input to Bio-Gas Plants and the gas produced can be used for cooking and we can minimize the fossil fuel LPG Consumptions.

biogas production using poultry litter

Biogas production using Poultry Litter

Poultry litter is a good input source for Bio-Gas production and produces high amount of Methane which can be used for power generation.

biogas production using municipal waste

Biogas Production using Municipal Waste

Local Municipal Corporations collect wet waste and is generally sent for dumping and this can be biggest source of input for Bio-Gas Production and which can be later used for Power Generation to communities / residential houses.

biogas production using food waste

Biogas Production using food waste

(Hotels, hostels, canteens, catering places, gated communities) Tons of food waste is produced from all food related industries and it can also be a biggest source of Bio-Gas Production and which will serve our National mission of Swatch Bharat.

biogas production using agricultural and industrial organic waste

Biogas Production using agricultural & industrial organic wastes

Agricultural and Industrial bi-products have lot of organic content which can be biggest sources of input to Bio-Gas Plants to generate Energy & Electricity.

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Biogas consists of Methane, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen sulphide. Methane is used for cooking and electricity production. In bigger units where carbon-di-oxide is separated is used for industries. The residue Liquid manure contains high amount of NPK values can be used as a manure in agriculture.

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SP ECO FUEL ENTERPRISES is a leading social enterprise for at source waste management sustainable solutions. SP ECO FUEL ENTERPRISES has tie up with SPR.

SP ECO FUEL has many successful achievements creating first woman clean cooking fuel cum manure management. SHG create additional income from waste currently working in more than 15 states in India and 8 countries in overseas.

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What is Biogas?

The term 'Biogas' is referred to a gas which has been produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Major sources of methane are animal excrements, waste landfills, and any other organic material that is left untreated. Biogas consists of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and a little hydrogen. It is created by the decomposition of manure and other forms of organic waste from industry or households.

Why Biogas?

Any renewable energy source is regarded as exceptionally important in our modern society. With a changing climate that is resulting in intense droughts, devastating hurricanes and diminishing ozone, investing in a clean, renewable energy source is definitely the way of the future. Biogas is fast becoming a valuable energy source which is contributing to the electric capacity which is being generated throughout the world. The systems that are used to create bio-energy can greatly contribute to reducing greenhouse gases as they have the possibility of reducing the need to use fossil fuels. By providing a non-polluting energy source which is also renewable, the earth is being kept clean of harmful emissions. Biogas is also the ideal way to ensure that all areas have access to electricity. As a fairly cheap source of electricity, biogas is a fuel source that has the power to provide decent energy to the world. Deforestation is the result of trees being cut down and used as fuel for fires in areas where there is no access to electricity. With biogas, the waste that would be there anyway can be used to create fuel. This means that trees do not have to be cut down and plants do not have to be damaged.

Benefits of Biogas

Biogas is cheap to produce
Each year the price of electricity goes up, and with there not being enough electricity to keep the country powered, more power stations need to be built in order provide everyone with electricity. The electricity that we use these days comes with a hefty price but biogas can also provide stable electricity, and the power created will be cheaper. Biofuel can be used in vehicles to get people moving. Another factor that affects the price of biogas, is the fact that it can be produced in small amounts or large amounts.
Biogas is a source of income
For those nations that struggle to provide employment for all of its people, the production of biogas can be the answer. Biogas plants are creating employment opportunities for people across all types of communities. In rural areas people can benefit in many ways as biogas will not only create job opportunities but it is also able to produce cheap electricity for homes and businesses that have previously been without it. With biogas being cheap to produce and cheap to set up, a business creating biogas can be a profitable one.
Biogas is renewable
As a renewable source of energy, biogas can be constantly produced without the worry of the source of the fuel running out. At the moment, the vast amount of energy sources on the planet consist of non-renewable resources such as coal. As the fuel is produced from natural waste products, the source of the fuel is never going to run out. In a world that is suffering from the damage caused by the burning of fossil fuels, biogas is a most welcome renewable alternative. Biogas is the fuel of the future and has the power to heal the earth, while creating jobs for those in need. Biogas is definitely one of the best alternative fuel sources.

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