Cow dung can be used to produce biogas, which can be used for cooking.

The process of generation of biogas needs an anaerobic condition to be created. It is achieved by setting up a digester.

Cow dung is mixed with water to form the pulpiest form of the cow dung without hard substances and should be fed to  the digester.

The bacteria produced in the digester will start eating all the waste and release the methane gas along with some other gases.

This methane gas produced is raised to the top of the digester and is fed through a pipe to biogas stove and is ready to be used in the kitchen.

For Dairy Farms as the amount of cow dung will be high, as per the waste the plant can be setup and the biogas produced from this can be used for cooking, generating electricity.

The basic needs of the Dairy Farm can be fulfilled, just by processing the waste responsibily.

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